Premium Towel Set 3In1 | Hand Towel | Face Towel | Bath Towel


Each box include:
  • 1 pc Face Towel
  • 1 pc Hand Towel
  • 1 pc Bath Towel
SET TOWEL GIFT Colour : Aqua Green, Dusty Grey, Dirty PinkMaterial : Terry CottonWeight: 700gram Specification :【 Bath Towel】150x80cm (700gram) 【 Face Towel】31x32cm (75gram) 【 Hand Towel】 40x82cm (150gram)High-end products do not compare prices with ordinary products on the market, we believe that quality determines price! Our efforts are for you and your family to enjoy the services of a 5-star hotel at home!1. All the products of the company (towels/carpets/bathrobes) are designed with the standard of 5-star hotels. The long-term business partners are star hotels, high-end spa clubs and resort hotels.2. Raw materials: Imported cotton with a length of more than 30MM is used, which originates from the high-latitude gold producing area. The sunshine is more than 12 hours a day, making the towel soft in texture, good in water absorption, and comfortable in hand.3. Production process: Spiral terry: The terry is fluffy, has good water absorption properties, and is friendly and refreshing to the skin. Satin file process: meticulous satin file design, strong three-dimensional sense, more sense of quality. Strengthen the selvedge: The hotel’s three-pin five-thread fine-sewn selvedge is durable after washing. Embroidery craftsmanship: fine embroidery, exquisite and visible atmosphere.4. Environmental protection printing and dyeing technology, no hair loss, no discoloration, environmental protection and health.


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