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How Sherra started

We want everyone to

enjoy the comfort and quality of real hotel goods

This is your time to experience the comfort and luxury of hotel at your own home.

About us

Sherra Design

Sherra Design have an experience for over 10 years in our field which is your one stop custom home treatment gallery for a hassle-free solution for your perfect home and hotel rooms, meeting rooms, restaurant and lounge.

Our extensive range of products are designed to satisfy your desires for a stylish furnishing that transforms your :

who we are

We Are a Soft Furnishing Company

At Sherra Design, we believe purchasing success at Hotels is built on strong relationship, not price and we also offer value added services that address business need and challenges.

  • Your Success in operating profitable hotel or resort depends on pleasing your guests while controlling your costs.

  • Founded by team of young hoteliers, Sherra Design was created specifically to fulfill the need for specialized procurement services in the hospitality industry.

Vision & Mission

Never stop improving our product

To make sure deliver the best optimum products for the end consumers. We believe that the only way to grow our company is to lets all the customers have satisfaction with our product.

Our Brand Collaborations
Our Story

Our ‘Sherra’ brand product

Our ‘Sherra’ brand products is manufactured using only the finest raw materials & craftsmanship. We have a strong reputation for providing quality products to the hospitality industry in Malaysian and Indonesian.

Through our leading partnership with some of the world’s leading guest amenity companies and local manufacturers, we are able to offer you top quality products at extremely competitive prices.