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Linen Spray Lily De Fleur | Clean Linen 100 ML


Linen spray is a household product usually containing deionized water or neutral alcohol and some kind of scent such as essential oils. It is usually a liquid supplied in a spray bottle so that a fine mist of the product can be sprayed over linens, towels, soft furnishings, clothes and carpets. It is used to freshen linens and soft furnishings between washes, or it is sprayed onto fabrics while ironing to provide a pleasing and/or therapeutic scent.
Lily De’ Fleur – Lily, Jasmine, Floral Notes A perfect blend of TOP NOTES – Orange Flower, Green Leaf MIDDLE NOTES – Jasmin, Gardenia BASED NOTES – Honey, Lily of Valley ❤️ CLEAN LINEN – Citrus, Fresh, Woody Notes A perfect Blend of TOP NOTES – Citrus, Green Fruity MIDDLE NOTES – Jasmine, Violet, Grape BASED NOTES – Woody, Sandalwood, Musk Product details Ingredients: Essential Oils ( Ginger, Rosemary, Musk ) Water, Glycerol, PEG 60, Bacteriostatic Agent Linen Spray : 100ml Bottle type : White glass spray *******Direction to use******* Spray 2 to 3 pumps throughout the space. For Longer hours scent: Spraying on the curtain/linen & turning on the air-cond. ✅ Where do you spray linen spray? A linen spray is another way to freshen up your room. It is normally sprayed on linens, fabrics, laundry, furnishings, bed sheets, pillowcases, sofas, carpets, and curtains, leaving them smelling fresh and clean ✅ Can linen spray be used as room spray? Linen spray is a versatile household product that comes in a convenient spray bottle. It can be used to eliminate odors and freshen up linens, clothing, and soft furniture. Linen spray can also be used as an air freshener when sprayed into rooms or cars


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