Duvet Insert (Feather)


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Duvet Insert (Feather)Specially designed this so-called- as comforter with the duck feather fillings which give you a nice fluffy duvet that feels cozy and not too hot. Best enjoyed with light air-condition and suitable for Malaysia’s weather.Care Guide : • There is a slight natural ‘ducky’ smell which dissipates quickly upon opening the package • You do not need to wash your duvet regularly as it is protected by the duvet cover. Also we don’t recommend to wash this duvet since it was filled with duck feather so don’t wash it often. • Spot cleaning is recommended for small stains with mild soap and water. You should dry-clean your duvet only if absolutely necessary as it will shorten the lifespan of the duvet • Do not bleach. Fluff regularly for even fill distribution • Throw into dryer, dry, if you need to an instant fluffing of your duvet

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